My wife (in 77 days!) and I

My wife and I

Purpose of this blog:

My name is Matthew and in creating this blog, I seek to use it as another medium for proclaiming the gospel and glorifying our Lord Jesus Christ. I am of the so-called “millennial generation” (born between 1980-1991) which is a generation that has grown up around pluralism and believes, for the most part, in relative morality. As a minister of the Word, I seek to share the timeless, unchanging and absolute truth of the Bible with my peers.

More about me:

The Lord defines who I am and I seek to present myself as a living sacrifice and to live for His glory and seek His face. I hope and pray that my life is defined not by wealth, economic status, my car, my clothes, nor nothing of this world, but that it is defined by bringing glory to God and obeying Him.

I am currently enrolled at the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary in Louisville, Kentucky for my Masters of Divinity in theology and Biblical studies. My wife and I got married on December 31st, 2009. She means the world to me and I pray everyday that I will love her like Christ loves the church in our marriage and give myself up for her.

I am a vegetarian and a germiphobe – which means you will always see me carrying some hand sanitizer. Hey I was a germiphobe even before it was cool to be one with the swine flu and all!  I have a novel interest in conspiracy theories (especially as they relate to eschatology – study of the end times).

Since starting seminary, the study of the Biblical languages has consumed my life. If I am not blogging, I will probably be studying nouns, declensions, verbs, paradigms…. ALL THE TIME! But I love learning… especially if it is to glorify the Lord.

Peace and grace to you all and happy reading!



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